In English – short summary

This charity was established in January 2015. Its main goal is to support Children’s Memorial Health Institute (CMHI) by:

  • supplying drugs, medical equipment, etc.;
  • helping in repairs and renovations of the buildings;
  • financing medical research projects and education of the staff;
  • helping patients and their guardians during their hospitalization;
  • promotion of a healthy lifestyle
  • promotion of CMHI’s achievements;
  • and… many others.

The Children’s Memorial Health Insitute has great scientific achievements and qualified specialists. It was created in the seventies and eighties of XX century as a living monument to children – victims of World War II. Thanks to such a monument the next generations of children are to receive medical assistance at the highest possible level. Modern medicine is constantly developing, new methods of treatment, new drugs and new diagnostic tools appear. Our environment is also changing – more and more collected information needs fast and modern computers, servers and programs. The hospital pharmacy resembles a factory in futuristic science fiction movies, and the fleet of cars is almost equal to that of a medium-sized courier company. In order to be able to save the life and health of the youngest and to do it at the highest level, the Institute constantly needs support, because in its activities it accumulates the three most cost-intensive features in modern medicine: high specialization, paediatrics and multi-specialization. Children’s Health Center is also 69 thousand. square meters and approx. 350 thousand. cubic meters of cubic capacity (and a new building for paediatric oncology and psychiatry is under construction). The IT base itself includes 1,200 computers and a modern, ecological server room. In order to function effectively and provide comfort to the children treated there, it must also deal with such trivial things as repairing and replacing computers, painting walls, replacing light bulbs, renovations, insulation, replacing cold and hot water pipes, repairing radiators, sealing roofs, taking care of the grounds around the Institute… and much, much more. So let’s help use this huge potential so that our children can be treated in Poland and that our country is visited by young patients from all over the world for treatment at the highest world level.

Everyone can support us, below are information about our bank account:

IBAN PL 87 1020 1026 0000 1402 0250 5261


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