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CMHI – Children’s Memorial Health Institute

IPCZD Instytut “Pomnik – Centrym Zdrowia Dziecka” (in English: CMHI – Children’s Memorial Health Institute) – implementation of the idea of ​​commemorating children who died and were murdered in the years of World War II, a form of a living monument – hospital. The idea was put forward by the children’s writer Ewa Szelburg-Zarembina in 1965 – on the 20th anniversary of the end of World War II.

During the Second World War, over 13 million children and adolescents died, including over 2 million 200 thousand Polish children, or about 1/3 of Polish victims of the war.

On February 7, 1968, at the meeting of the Council for the Protection of Monuments of Martyrdom, a decision was made to build the Monument-Hospital.

… we will erect the Children’s Health Center, a monument in honor of children-martyrs, child soldiers and conspirators, children absent among us, (…) a modern, large, beautiful home will become a symbol of their permanent presence among us – the Children’s Health Center – erected by social sacrifice …

A special account was opened with money from associations, institutions and private persons. The first national payment was made by miners, and another by scouts. Money was received from the Polish diaspora from all over the world. Many production plants donated building materials for the Center’s construction free of charge. The scouts organized scrap, undergrowth and waste paper collections, and performed cleaning work, the income of which was allocated to CZD. Over the course of 7 years, they collected over PLN 50 million. On the initiative of the Warsaw milieu of young soldiers of „Sons of the Regiments”, in 1972 the Blood Bank „Centrum” was established. The Rural Housewives’ Clubs and the Women’s League Clubs allocate profits from the sale of handicrafts (kilims, embroidery, pillows, etc.) at fairs to donations to the CZD. Actors and musicians organize charity concerts, and painters and sculptors donate their works for auction. All obtained funds are credited to the CZD construction account. In total, over PLN 1.5 billion was collected.

PLN 1.5 billion in 1978 = PLN 630 million in 2018 !!

What about gifts (medical equipment, ambulances, medical beds, etc.,)? We do not know the sum, unfortunately.

The Foundation "Wspieramy IP- Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka" was established in January 2015.

The main goal of the Foundation is to cooperate with the IPCZD in the field of:

supplying medicines, apparatus and medical devices

repairs of rooms and repairs of devices owned by IPCZD

financing of specific medical projects

medical and preventive education

disseminating the output and achievements of IPCZD

and many others

However, all of them are aimed at supporting the IPCZD in its activities, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle and pro-health education.

According to the data from 2006, the share of public expenditure in total expenditure on health care is:

South Korea

Other sources of financing are:

Everyone can support us: here is our number of bank account:

Bank PKO BP I/O w Legionowie
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